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Innovate big companies as a student? In our student initiative you can learn how to do!
We, the Company Consulting Team offer consulting services for more than 25 years – from Start-Ups to DAX-30 companies – we have a wide range of clients. Regardless of your field of study you get the opportunity to carry out consulting projects within interdisciplinary teams. Furthermore, you get important soft-skills for a professional and self-confident occurrence and you are going to establish contacts for your career. The internal work and educational trainings give you the necessary know-how. Also, you can network with people from other Junior Enterprises worldwide on the congresses of our national and European Confederation (BDSU and JE Europe).

Who we're looking for

What we offer


Project members

If you have ever dreamed of altering a process landscape or wanted to supervise a company entering a new market, you are perfect for this position! You will constantly be involved, from bid proposal management to the very end of the project. Realise your ideas and enthuse your clients by leaving your comfort zone!

Project Leader

As a Project Leader, you are the one who pulls the strings. You are responsible for the results of project work, coordinate the work of your employees and you are always up-to-date. Maintaining the project’s aim, you must plan efficiently, decide sustainably and coordinate a goal-oriented team– and of course communicate with the client.

Project Controller

Being skilled in a diverse range of projects, your knowledge can circulate to younger CCT-generations. As a Project Controller, you monitor the Project Leader’s work, including deadlines and of course maintaining our high-quality standards.

Project Manager

The Project Manager takes care about the internal support of projects and is the first contact person for potential clients. In an initial interview with the clients he determines the scope and is involved in the preparation of the quote.


Human Resources

You are inspired by the most important resource of a company – the staff? Here, you can learn a lot about them! Being the perfect organiser, you can plan our events, create workshops and recruit our future colleagues. As a part of the HR department, you provide the backbone of our organisation. But if you believe HR is something for psychologists only, you are wrong.

Quality Management

You track the abidance of responsibilities in your flat share? You are keen on Controlling? To guarantee continuous high-quality standards, the quality management department ensures that everyone complies with the regulations, collect KPIs and prepares our Audits. As a perfectionist or future Controller, you will fit in right here!

Information Technologies

The Nerds of CCT work in the dark – at night, when a server has broken down or at a Hackathon. Our IT-department “JunITer” have their very own projects. If you are interested in coding, web development, server hosting and more you belong there!

International Networks

You have a gift for languages, are open-minded and jetlag resistant? As born jetsetters, we cultivate our international network to clients and other Junior Enterprises worldwide. We arrange workshops, support international projects and take an active part on our European Confederation - JADE. We are looking for organisers who can join us in carrying the multicultural spirit into CCT.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs is mainly responsible for our marketing and external communication. Social media accounts, press releases, corporate design and all affiliated activities are managed and designed right here. Additionally, our Podcast CCTalk and our Blog are originated from this department. If you're excited about getting creative and developing a corporate brand - this is your place to be.

Executive Board

Are you a natural leader? Take responsibility for the fulfillment of your business strategy and manage an organization of 70 interdisciplinary student consultants and a six-digit annual turnover.


Pssst… this is something for the elite. After achieving full membership, the most experienced and committed consultants can become part of the Board. They ensure a sustainable development of external projects and support the project managers in acquiring new projects..

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Three projects, two times project leader, one victory at an international pitch in Brussels and two congresses – within six months. CCT is what you make of it: For me it is a huge opportunity to expand my skills and test my limits, develop myself according to my ideas and demands individually.

Victoria Keller

in CCT for six months

"For me CCT is the prototype of a modern organization, which reinvents itself to fulfil its central expectation better and better. In this case: Giving bright minds the possibility to deliver their full potential. That’s why I am sure that the CCT stays an important contact point for students in and around Berlin."

Christoph Dölitzsch

CCT 2013-2016, Service Innovation Labs

Besides the exiting projects it is the inspiring environment that delights me. The collaboration with many different, creative minds helped me to consider problems from different points of view – an ability which I going to appreciate in job-related and private fields.

Philip Hasenklever

in CCT for one year



We can improve ourselves as well. Thus, we learn from the best. Our Curators are established business consultancies like Strategy&, PwC, Restrukturierungspartner, P3, Campana & Schott and BearingPoint. Challenging trainings, benefits from bidirectional exchange and experiences are part of our common activities. Admittedly, we sometimes lose some of our best CCT-members for internships or students trainees with our Curators. However, they always come back and learned even more. A true win-win Situation!

Scientific Advisory Board

As a Junior Enterprise, we distinguish ourselves by innovative and individual mind-set alongside our academic approach. Our scientific advisory board offers CCT access to research studies in fields of Business, Economics and IT, and provides advise to us on methodologies. We bring your company closer to the current state of research than anyone else!

Prof. Dr. Meran
Prof. Dr. zu Knypenhausen-Aufseß
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Straube
Prof. Dr. Zarnekow


Living the jet-set lifestyle as every consultant, we are a member of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (BDSU) and the JE Europe - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises. The BDSU monitors our QM-guidelines. Indulging in our philosophy “Work hard, play hard”, we truly realised these principles when we were fortunate to host and organise the convention in autumn 2016. However, that being said the BDSU-spirit is worth the effort!
In close cooperation with our partner Enterprises, Westminster Business Consulting from London, ConQuest in Warsaw and JEG from Geneva we work on international projects and can mutually benefit through the sharing of each other’s methodologies and practices.
Furthermore, winning the JADE Excellence Award in 2017, absolutely underlines our qualifications and capabilities.

Bei der letzten JADE Conference haben wir uns dann mit dem JADE Excellence Award noch einmal bestätigen lassen, was wir sowieso schon wussten: Wir machen #geilenscheiß.

Application Process

You are studying for at least 2 more semesters, you would like to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and increase your student budget? Then apply now with your CV and motivation letter via our website! If we think you are a fit for us, you will be invited to our Assessment Center and have the opportunity to prove your skills.

Assesment Center
Internal Projects
External Projects

Assesment Center

Our Assessment Center is similar to speed dating – you have to pass through several stations, i.e. a Case Study, a presentation and a personal interview. Show us that we are your perfect match!


As in every healthy relationship, we want you to grow and evolve. Therefore, we offer trainings and further education. You will be trained in developing soft skills such as presenting as well as hard skills including programming.

Internal Projects

Succeeding as a student consultant of CCT, you must first participate in an internal project. Here you can put your ideas into practice and leave a very personal mark in our team. Certainly, you will be supported by experienced student consultants and gain a lot of expert knowledge in an authentic way.

External Projects

For you, everything is a challenge? You love to win and want to set high standards? Prove your skills in external projects, pitch against competitors and impress your client. Project Employees, Project Leader, or Project Controller: Every position is assigned their very own exciting duties.
First Rule of CCT: “Leave your comfort zone and just do it!”

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