Presenting our former Executive Board

Our new Executive Board was elected in August and the handover between them and our previous Executive Board took place. Last year, the Board consisted of three position : president, vice president and treasurer. In this article we would like to introduce you to our former executive board.

Maximilian Eißler began his career at the Company Consulting Team e. V. as a student business consultant in November 2015. Already from the very beginning, he wanted to change the structures of the Junior Enterprise. He explains: “I had learned a lot about our operations by the time and saw a need for modernisation in some parts of the organisation, which I wanted to bring about.” Further, Eißler was dreaming about expanding and practicing his leading competences. Within one year, Max had worked his way up to the position of president of the CCT. His responsabilities were, among others, to represent the junior enterprise and internal management. He focused on a number of projects that “made the Company Consulting Team ready for the development of the coming five years.” Promoting the Junior Enterprise as an attractive opportunity for non-management students and also expanding our service portfolio was one of his greatest achievements. The former president is now going to focus on his Computer Science degree. His aim is to ”develop the IT project capabilities of the CCT and to be part of some of the projects himself”.

Before becoming vice president of Company Consulting Team, Zebo Abduganieva was head of the IT department Juniter at CCT. With this position she had already developed some management skills, such as making strategic decisions, as well as, motivating and organizing a team. Becoming a member of the executive board was the next step in her career. 
Zebo has always seen the greatest challenge and most important factor for success in bearing responsibility for a whole organization.
Her range of duties included managing the final recruiting stage, organizing weekly club meetings and, above all, “leading the strategic development, goals, objectives, and systems.”
The Company Consulting Team left its indelible mark on Zebo. She recalls: “As a member of CCT I learned a lot about leading, presenting, communication and project management. I want to further develop these skills on my future job as an IT consultant.” Now, she is planning to finish her studies, to find a challenging job in IT consulting and to pursue her passion as a photographer.

Matthias Göttl began his professional career at the junior enterprise in 2015. The capability to set new impulses and making strategic long term decisions was the final impetus for him to become part of the executive board, being responsible for our corporates cooperation’s and finance. His main task was to control the finances and to be accustomed to our curators, as well as to acquire and plan new cooperation possibilities with other companies. Göttl says: “Also I wanted to represent and promote the CCT to other Companies and persuade them from the idea of students consulting companies. In my view, there is still a lot of hidden potential – due to the unawareness of the Junior Enterprise Movement – for both sides to take advantage of cooperations.”
Matthias states that the most challenging part during his time as a member of the executive board was the tough dare of being present and competent at the CCT during the examination period at the University. For the future Matthias aims to spend more time for himself. At the moment, he is doing his Erasmus semester in Sweden.