To achieve high-quality results in the projects with our clients, working together as a team is one of the main ingredients. We try to push each other and think about solutions together to turn every project into a satisfying and valuable outcome for everyone. But the idea of team spirit is not only limited to our Junior Enterprise, the Company Consulting Team. We believe that the exchange with other like-minded students from all the different student consultancies across Germany and also Europe is an advantage for everyone because when we share our diverse ideas and views on topics and problems, it will help each and every one to grow. That’s why we are part of the BDSU and also of the Jade network.  The BDSU allows us to get in contact with the JEs within Germany whereas the Jade network provides us with a platform that helps us to overcome the borders of our country. In this context, we were especially happy when we signed the contract for our first international partnership with the Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) from the United Kingdom in January 2016.

This year, our partners from WBC approached us with a great idea: setting up a series of international business games. The aim was to strengthen the connection between the JEs and to see how other students with a different cultural background would approach the same issue. The rules for the game are simple. It is a competition between JEs. One case with an exciting problem to solve, 7 days to come up with a solution. It did not take much effort to convince us to accept this challenge. Quickly a team of three was built to join the race. The other teams taking part were from WBC and the Swedish Jönköping International Student Consulting (JISC).

On the 12th of April, we received a mail by WBC with the case study for the first round of the games and our three members immediately took action.  The managing director of an Austrian firm had to decide whether and how his company should expand its business in China. His firm is an electronic component manufacturer and some of its customers had decided to enter the Chinese market. However, the firm could not offer its own production facilities in China and therefore the managing director suggested to outsource the production to a local partner. But one of his customers refused. That put him in a dilemma as, on the one hand, he did not want to lose this client and potentially also other clients in the future, but on the other hand saw a certain financial risk of opening own production facilities at site. Motivated by such an interesting case, Kai, Phillip, and Yannick started to analyse the situation to develop the best solution possible on which the final decision concerning the expansion strategy could be based. After carefully evaluating all the factors that have an influence on the matter, they came to the conclusion that establishing a sub-contract model with Chinese partners would be the most reasonable decision. Our Swedish competitors JISC suggested a joint venture, and WBC from England presented the option of acquisition as the result of their analysis.

On the 18th of April, we sent our outcome back to the organisers from WBC. From each JE participating, one member had been chosen to rate the different solutions. Criteria were among other things the correct definition of the problem, clear suggestions for solving the case, and also a professional presentation of the results. For us the hard work paid off – the Company Consulting Team won the first round of the international business games! But actually it was a win for everyone. Not only could all the teams work on their skills in solving case studies but it was also exciting and most of all enriching to see what kind of approaches the contestants from other countries chose.

That is why we want even more JEs in the JADE network to take part in this fun game because we think the more, the merrier. For us at least it is clear – we cannot wait for the second round of the international business games! What about you? Are you in as well?


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